So, it begins. Proverbs 21:31 says, “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.” The leadership team had prayed through every aspect of the service and our plans were made. The Thursday before the first service, we gathered for prayer at my house, and the president of the Berean Fellowship, Scott Mathis, and his wife, Di, video conferenced in. We had an evening of sweet prayer for what God would be doing in and through the people of Freedom Church. It was an encouraging evening, and then Friday and Saturday rolled around. I had always been told that planting a church was one of the hardest adventures one could undertake, and I had read about spiritual warfare, but I wasn’t ready for this. If I may be vulnerable with you, I struggled with overwhelming sadness and feelings of inadequacy. What if nobody shows up? What if this church fails? What if people come but never return? What if…. It felt like the devil and his minions were working overtime on me. Sometime on Saturday afternoon, I was sitting with my wife and was reassured of God’s grace and overwhelming love for me. I was reminded that it is God’s church, not mine, and God has promised to build His church. I experienced the peace of God. I also slept well that night!

Photo Mar 18, 3 00 36 PM

We had our first service as Freedom Church on March 18th. It was a good day. More than 60 folks showed up; the music was uplifting; Lyndsey delivered an amazing children’s sermon; and the gospel was presented. I saw old friends reconnect afterwards and new friendships being formed. I saw people praying for one another, laughing together, and folks genuinely encouraging one another. It was a great picture of a church taking its first steps together. I have been in good spirits ever since. We posted many pictures on the church’s Facebook page; take a look.

Photo Mar 18, 2 27 06 PM

I just got off the phone with a woman who attended the service on Sunday. She has been bouncing back and forth between churches and had rededicated her life to Christ that morning. She wanted to find a church that would welcome her, despite her past, and show her the love and grace of Jesus. She said she found that at Freedom Church.

I also heard from another gentleman who had been praying for his neighbor and looking for an opportunity to invite her to church. After the service, God opened the door for him to meet a practical need she had, and he felt prompted to invite her to Freedom Church. She accepted the invitation and will join him this week.

In my last letter, I asked for prayer partners, financial partners, and partners to join us in person. Since the church is just starting, Lyndsey and I are in the process of securing our salary for the first year. So far, we have around 30 percent of what we need each month. If you are already supporting us, thank you! If not, I’m asking you to pray about whether the Lord may lead you to financially partner with us for the next 12 months. Help us play our God-given role in reaching the 450,000 souls in Colorado Springs who are far from God and show them how true freedom can be found only in Christ. If you would like to give, please visit our web page and select “Personal Support: The Maxon’s” from the funds list. Any amount helps and we are especially looking for monthly supporters.


The Maxon’s

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