MWM: Legalists Compare

Legalists love to compare with others. Legalists are not only confident their works are going to earn them favor with God; they believe other people should be impressed with them. These types of legalists love to perform! Paul confronted legalists and said, “Look here, if anybody could be confident and boast about their work forContinue reading “MWM: Legalists Compare”

MWM: Legalists destroy Faith

Legalists make faith too complicated. They create a checklist that includes the essential of the faith: belief in Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross for sinners. But, they also include other requirements for salvation: baptism, speaking in tongues, correct political voting record, suit and tie for men, dresses for women, no tattoos, no hatsContinue reading “MWM: Legalists destroy Faith”

MWM: Repeat Yourself

As a parent, you sometimes get tired of telling your kids something over and over again. “Pick up your shoes.” “Eat your dinner.” “It’s time for bed.” “Don’t eat glue.” I’m sure you have similar experiences at your house. In Paul’s letter of joy, he never gets tired of encouraging people to rejoice in theContinue reading “MWM: Repeat Yourself”

MWM: Worry less, pray AND act more

“Don’t worry, be happy!” Anytime I hear these words, I start singing them. Why? Because everyone older than 15 hears it in Bobby McFerrin’s voice with the sweet reggae tone behind it. It makes you smile. Worry does just the opposite. It makes you sad, depressed, and sometimes angry. One of the Christian cliché’s isContinue reading “MWM: Worry less, pray AND act more”