MWM: Bookends of Grace

We started our journey through Philippians talking about grace. We should end with it as well. Grace is a theme throughout the Word of God; we should meditate on it more than we should. We often forget or minimize grace. God’s grace saves and sustains the believer. We apply this grace through faith. This graceContinue reading “MWM: Bookends of Grace”

MWM: We Will Survive

Throughout history, whenever a country fails that had been opposed to God, we hear stories of Christians that had permeated every level of government and a church that had gone underground and was thriving. It amazes the people that seek to destroy the work of God. But it shouldn’t. Even in a government that wasContinue reading “MWM: We Will Survive”

MWM: I Need, I Want

I love my daughters and look forward to the challenge of raising kingdom princesses. They are gifted in different areas. One similarity they have, though, is the confusion of needs and wants. C is always saying how she “needs” candy, soda, or anything with sugar. E is always grunting and pointing at whatever toy CContinue reading “MWM: I Need, I Want”

MWM: Sweet-smelling Sacrifices

Imagine being in prison or on house arrest and still having to provide your meals. You aren’t given three square meals a day, you don’t have utilities paid for, no free gym membership, and you have to pay rent even though you have no means of generating income. I’m not trying to make today’s prison’sContinue reading “MWM: Sweet-smelling Sacrifices”

MWM: Theology of Wealth

The church only talks about money! The church is money hungry! The church doesn’t care about me; they only want my money! As a pastor, I’ve heard these numerous times, and this short devotional isn’t the time to give a profound theology of wealth. I will say that Jesus spent more time talking about materialContinue reading “MWM: Theology of Wealth”