MWM: Suffering

It is impossible to provide a complete Theology of Suffering in one minute, so this is just the beginning. Have you ever wondered why Christ suffered at the end of his life? Why would he willingly go through the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of the flogging and crucifixion? I know the easy Sunday School... Continue Reading →

MWM: No Fear

Do you remember the “No Fear” clothing from the ’90s? It was huge! I’m sure I’ve got a bunch of pictures from my middle school years, where all I wore was “No Fear.” This slogan is also a refrain in the Bible. We are not to fear anything because we are secure in Christ. This... Continue Reading →

MWM: Citizen of…

What does it mean to have dual citizenship? It means your loyalties are split between the two kingdoms. Christian, you are not a dual citizen. Above all, and only, you are a citizen of heaven, and God is your King. When we identify as a Christian, because our Father has given us that identity through... Continue Reading →

MWM: Trust the Process

Coaches are fond of saying, “Trust the process.” This means that even if the athlete can’t see the end, because they are so wrapped up with the pain of training at that moment, the coach knows what’s at the end. It is essential to trust the coach knows what is best. Even world-class athletes who... Continue Reading →

Peace Be With You

Do you ever long for peace? I will preface this post with, some people do have a chemical imbalance in their brain or a chronic mental illness that cause abnormalities manifested in ongoing emotional and psychological symptoms that impact their everyday life and can require medication. But, for those who experience SITUATIONAL fear, worry, anxiety,... Continue Reading →

MWM: Why did you wake up?

If you still have breath in you, you have a purpose in life! There is a reason you woke up this morning. What is it? There is someone out there who needs to hear your story, to be encouraged by you, challenged by you. Who should you talk to today? Who needs to speak to... Continue Reading →

MWM: Death in Christ

When my wife was working in Hospice, she noticed a remarkable difference between those who were followers and Christ and those who had rejected God. Those who knew they were forgiven through the shed blood of Christ were not scared; they were at peace and ready to go home. Those who had no idea what... Continue Reading →

MWM: Labor for Christ

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels? Is every day full of busywork, and you never seem to get anywhere? It is easy to get sucked into the mundane, especially if you are living without purpose. As we’ve seen, the Apostle Paul’s mission was to make Christ known. He was always looking... Continue Reading →

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