MWM: Encouraging Prayer

How many people are praying for you? Who is on your prayer list? I have been strengthened and encouraged by others as they pray for me. It lifts my spirit when I get a text or a call from someone, and they mention they are praying for me. Frequently, those notices come at just the... Continue Reading →

MWM: Preach the True Gospel!

There are a few religious groups that claim to preach the truth about Jesus Christ. These groups preach a false gospel, and this needs to be pointed out in love and grace so that followers of these people and groups can begin to seek the truth. LDS, JW, Prosperity, Liberal Theology, and others are just... Continue Reading →

MWM: Character Matters

When you talk to a pastor or leader, what is the most important quality you look for? Polished speech? Well-dressed? Charismatic personality? Or, do you examine character traits: integrity, loyalty, honesty, selflessness, or steadfastness? In the pastor's covenant for Freedom Church, it includes “I will set an example of godliness, maintaining a life of purity,... Continue Reading →

MWM: Pastors

I’m part of a few pastors’ groups. One meets online every month for some equipping from a coach and mutual encouragement. We read books together and pray for one another. Another group is with our fellowship. We gather in person twice a year (some of my favorite times of the year) and spend the rest... Continue Reading →

MWM: Preach It

Would you consider yourself a preacher? Most would not. The idea of preaching is simply to “herald; to make known publicly and loudly.” There is the gift of preaching, the office of preaching, and the act of preaching. You don’t need the title to preach. You do it all the time. You may not preach... Continue Reading →

MWM: No Fear

What are you afraid of? I hate snakes: dead snakes, live snakes, snake skins (does that mean the snake is naked?), and sticks that look like snakes. I run. I don’t like mice either. As I was starting to type this, I saw something move by foot and thought it was a mouse. I ended... Continue Reading →

Empty Words

James 2:15-16: “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. 16 If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?” The faith and deeds discussion continues with a practical example. Here, someone is presented with basic... Continue Reading →

MWM: What are you in for?

One of my favorite scenes in the movie Shawshank Redemption is when the prisoners are all sitting around talking to the new “fish” about why they are in prison. Andy Dufresne leans over and says, “don’t you know, I’m innocent.” Spoiler Alert (as if there is anybody who hasn’t seen this movie. By the way, the book... Continue Reading →

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