Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe Freedom Church has been ministering to the lost, broken, and hurting folks in Colorado Springs for six months already. As I take stock of what God has done in this time, I stand amazed at His faithfulness, patience, and grace. I’m also humbled that He has chosen us to play a small part of expanding His Kingdom throughout all the earth.


We’ve had several opportunities to show God’s love to others. First, FC was able to bless a missionary family with a cash gift on their way to Gulu, Uganda. Our Global Outreach (missions) Team has identified several other missionaries to support monthly. We have committed to give 10% of the general offering to other missions, ministries, and missionaries. We want to be a church that shares God’s blessings with others. We also strongly believe that a mission-minded church brings glory to God through advancing the gospel and making and growing more followers of Jesus, all around the world. These strategic partnerships will allow us to do just that.

Second, Lyndsey and I have been praying to meet our neighbors. I often encourage folks to get out a piece of paper and put a pound sign (for the younger folks, this is a #hashtag) on it. In the middle box, put your name. In the boxes on the outside, put the names of your neighbors. If you can’t do this, you need to meet them! Since moving in, we had half the squares filled in and were praying for God to open doors to the rest. God answers prayers, and not always the way we want. On August 1, our house was struck by lightning! When the fire trucks pulled up, the entire block came out to see what happened. Needless to say, we have most of the neighborhood map now.


Finally, we have an opportunity to clarify FC’s specific purpose. We don’t want to be white noise, we don’t want to wander around aimlessly. Instead, we want to be used by God to spread the gospel effectively in the unique way He has gifted and called us. Please pray with us for discernment and wisdom.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

*Cora started Pre-K this week. Lyndsey is her teacher. Pray for a receptive heart, a teachable spirit, and for Cora to continue to love learning.


*Continued balance between ministry and family. We have a good rhythm with days off and quality time, pray this will continue.

*For new opportunities to share the gospel with our neighbors and anybody else who will listen. Also pray for a culture of invitation to develop at FC.

*We have around 40% of what we need each month. God has been faithful and provided extra classes for me, but we would like to be able to focus more time and effort on leading FC. If you would like to be a financial partner, you can visit this link and sign up for  first-time or monthly giving.

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