December, 2018

Greetings! As we approach the end of 2018, I can’t help but reflect on what a year it has been. It has been one of challenges and blessings. We have much to celebrate.

We started the year by following the call of God and planting Colorado Freedom Church in Colorado Springs. We gathered a solid core group and launched in March. Someone told me that church planting is one of the most difficult tasks one can undertake. I agree. We were surrounded by a great group of Christ-followers and supporters, like you. After the first few months, we moved to a new location (picture below) and become a mobile church. We did this for four months before moving back to where we started. We have seen several people recommit their lives to the Lord and commit to the local church. This brings us a smile to our face and I’m sure it pleases the Lord.

Photo Sep 02, 4 45 00 PM

Here are few other notable happenings from the fourth quarter:

*Lyndsey continues to homeschool Cora and she is doing some great things in PreK. Cora is only four and has started reading and her bubbly personality is contagious. She also enjoys soccer and gymnastics. Lyndsey teaches our Kidz Korner (Children’s Church-picture below) every Sunday and is seeing children grow in their biblical knowledge and relationship with the Lord. Please pray for the children to develop a strong biblical worldview and pray for the parents as the spiritual leaders of their homes.


*On Halloween, we served homemade pumpkin bread, hot chocolate, and tea (and of course, candy). It was cold this year, so over 100 of our neighbors took something. We were able to have several conversations about life and faith this evening.

*I was able to help with a “Gospel Conversations Training” at the local YWAM base. We trained over 35 staff on how to share the gospel (picture below).

Photo Oct 30, 12 31 21 PM

*I continue to disciple two men from Freedom Church and am looking for more ways to impact leaders.

*FC was able to commit 10% of general offerings to global outreach. We have partnered with missionaries and missions in Uganda, Nashville, India, Nepal, Mexico, and Colorado Springs.

*We have been praying for full-time employment and the Lord answered this month by opening up a position with the local library. I’ll be the Adult Education Supervisor. It is a perfect job because I get to help folks teach and am surrounded by books all day! I pray this will expand the ministry of FC as well.

**Finally, the most recent blessing is… our family is growing! The next baby Maxon will be here in June of 2019. We are beyond excited. Cora is anxious to be a big sister.**

In all of this, we are reminded that we serve a God who loves to bless.

Will you join us in prayer? Specifically, as I transition to a full-time position outside the home and as we prepare for the baby. Also, that FC would continue to fulfill her purpose: Freedom Church exists to glorify God by making and growing more followers of Jesus Christ.


The Maxon’s

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