A New Home

December, 2019

A lot has happened in the life of Freedom Church since our last letter. We moved into Lyndsey and I’s home for a few months and focused on building up the core team. We went through a study called “S.H.A.P.E.” It was designed to help people discover their unique design for ministry by looking at spiritual gifts, heart passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. We got a clearer picture of who we are as individuals and who we are as a church family. And then…

On December 1st, Freedom Church gathered for worship in our new building! We have been praying for a home base since we started FC in March, 2018 and God answered that prayer in a unique way. There was another Berean Church in Colorado Springs that closed their doors in June. We received keys in July and started renovations. We have completed enough of the renovations and remodeling to meet upstairs. There were 60 people who showed up to worship with us. It was a great start to our “In CHRISTmas” series. There are so many implications to someone being in Christ. It is often said that one of the primary responsibilities of a pastor is to remind followers of Jesus who they are in Christ. We looked at 2 Corinthians 5 and how we are a new creation because of Christ. We will continue the series by looking at our freedom in Christ, how we become a family in Christ, and our future hope in Christ.


Here are some text messages I received from new attenders:

“Your sermon was really powerful. I shed a ton of tears at the presence of God I felt at your church and your sermon of how loving and caring God is was just lovely.”

Lyndsey had a conversation with someone about fear, here is the response she received on social media: “Lyndsey, spot on again! I AM fearing satan, deathly afraid of him, so I am in bondage to him via my fear. This is kinda blowing my mind, and I was pretty sure I was the only one that worried about this. So really it was my time to know and understand, that’s why I wanted to go to church so bad, God knew you’d be there and sent me to hear you, I swear there is no such thing as a coincidence just God’s will. Thank you, Lyndsey, for chatting with me.”

Prayer Requests:

-E. is now six months old and started eating solid foods. I can’t believe how fast she is growing!

-C. is half-way through Kindergarten and is so smart. Pray for Lyndsey as she homeschools.


-Ministry to our new community in Cimarron Hills.

-I am leaving my full-time job at the library to focus on my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Please pray for our family finances as we trust the Lord to continue to provide. If you’d like to become monthly supporters, please visit ColoradoFreedomChurch.com and click on “Give.” Select our name from the fund list. Thank you!

The Maxon’s

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