Righteous Anger

James 1:20: “because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.”

The RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT GOD DESIRES is not legal righteousness before God but conducting one’s life by the will of God, by His standards.

A point about righteous anger. Yes, it is possible to get angry and not sin, but extremely difficult for us in our fallen state to do so. Christ demonstrated righteous anger numerous times, as did the prophets.

But here are three facts to remember about the prophets in the Old Testament who got angry:

  1. They were clearly called by God to demonstrate HIS anger, not their own. Moses displayed his own anger several times, throwing down the tablets God had written on or striking the rock when God told him to speak to it, this last one kept him out of the promised land.
  2. It only occurred in times of immediate danger.
  3. Their righteous anger was directed at an injustice being inflicted on another person, not on themselves.

The Bible is clear that vengeance belongs to the Lord. So, ask God to get His vengeance, you are to forgive and extend grace.

Bottom line for human anger: it hinders God’s work, in your life and the life of others. That type of anger isn’t worth it.

Some questions to consider:

-When was the last time you labeled your human anger as righteous anger?

-In what ways are you seeking vengeance on your own?

-How is God calling you to let go of your anger and trust Him?

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