MWM: Instant Obedience

One of the principles we are trying to teach our kids is instant obedience. When asked to do something by someone in authority, we expect compliance. Of course, we are trying to teach them to filter everything through the lens of Scripture, so if asked to do anything counter to the Word or character of God, then disobedience to human authority is the correct choice. For example, if someone asks them to lie, the answer is no. If someone asks them to cheat or steal, the answer is no. The instant obedience principle is one of the reasons we have never “counted to three” with our daughters. Authority figures don’t have to count to three to get obedience. I see the point in giving them time to think through their choices, but silence works just as well. We have noticed that this gives our daughter time to ask questions to clarify expectations and motivations. Humility and obedience are attitudes of Christ that every follower of Jesus should display.

Philippians 2:7b-8: “When he appeared in human form, he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians #Attitude

Photo by Robin Pierre on Unsplash

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