MWM: Connect

There is a reason quarantine isn’t a “normal” mode for humans. We were created for community. We were created by God to be around others. Zoom doesn’t cut it. Neither does social media. Physical presence with others has a tremendous impact on our social, emotional, and spiritual health. When the church started gathering again, I couldn’t believe the smiles. Even through masks, people’s countenance was lifted, eyes shined brightly, and hearts rejoiced. Paul found himself in prison, but still dispatched friends to pass news to ones he loved and get reports in return. Please don’t let social media be your only source of connection!

Philippians 2:19: “If the Lord Jesus is willing, I hope to send Timothy to you soon for a visit. Then he can cheer me up by telling me how you are getting along.”

#MintueWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians

Photo by Vlad Hilitanu on Unsplash

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