MWM: Confidence

Whenever someone has doubts about anything, we often glibly say, “you just have to have faith.” But faith in what? The object of our faith is more important than faith itself. We live in a world that preaches faith in faith is good enough. But it’s not. Over and over again, the Bible encourages us to place our faith in Christ and Christ alone. There are no human beings in which we should place complete confidence in. Not our spouse, not our pastors, not our politicians, not our parents. Christ alone. When we put our faith in Christ, then we can trust the outcome of every situation, even if it doesn’t go the way we initially want. Faith in Christ allows us to have a divine perspective. In whom (or what) do you place your confidence?

Philippians 2:24: “And I have confidence from the Lord that I myself will come to see you soon.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians

Photo by Jonathan Klok on Unsplash

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