MWM: Fellow Soldier

It is hard to describe the camaraderie that exists between members of the military. When you train, deploy, and fight together, a special bond is formed. Trust and friendship are deep among fellow warriors. As followers of Christ, we are in a war. Good vs. evil, light vs. dark, God vs. satan. All of these battles are raging around us. Some in the earthly realm, most in the spiritual realm. We need to realize and understand that not only are we brothers and sisters in Christ or co-laborers. But we are fellow soldiers. Fight the good fight. Lean on others. Above all, put on the full armor of God. We know we are on the winning team, but let’s not get lazy.

Philippians 2:25: “Meanwhile, I thought I should send Epaphroditus back to you. He is a true brother, co-worker, and fellow soldier. And he was your messenger to help me in my need.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

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