MWM: Waiting to Hear

In the time of instant communication, we can find out how someone is doing in short order. That wasn’t always the case. If you can imagine a world without email or even the phone, we used to have these things called letters. You would use a pen or pencil and write on a piece of paper. You could write whatever you want because if you made a mistake, you could erase it or start over. There were no accidental “sends” or “enters.” Writing by hand allowed the mind to turn words and sentences over to find the perfect phrasing. It also meant that people would have to wait for days, weeks, or even months to hear back. In the interim, you spent time thinking about that person, their welfare, and wondering if they received your letter. The stress! I often wonder if we spend less time thinking and praying for others because we have instant access to them. I think it is time to bring back letter writing. Who’s with me!?!

Philippians 2:26: “I am sending him because he has been longing to see you, and he was very distressed that you heard he was ill.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

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