Truth AND Love

Too often people speak truth or love, but not both. Many have lost the ability to be compassionate or lost the ability to differentiate between truth and lies, fact and opinion, and/or subjectivity and objectivity. Both love and truth are equally important. Truth must flow from love and love must flow from truth. They must work together in harmony. We need to learn to genuinely love like Jesus did, and root our identities in Him, as He is the source of truth. Apart from Him there is no truth, which is what we are seeing played out in culture today.

I appreciate those who are blunt with me if they think I’m wrong. They are loving me enough to say something. To be quiet and not speaking truth when you think someone is wrong is not love. To think that Truth is not absolute, but relative to the person or culturally defined is to say there is no Truth at all. To hide behind the guise of loving people and supporting their “truth” is not true love, nor compassionate, nor genuine/authentic, but shallow.


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