MWM: Hold the Line!

I have been told that my number one job as a pastor is to remind followers of Christ who they are in Christ. A Christian’s identity is rooted in Christ and cannot be changed. Most of the problems in the Christian’s life come down to two things: Forgetting their IDENTITY in Christ, or practicing IDOLATRY. Satan uses every trick in the book to get us to forget that we are a new creation in Christ or to put something or someone ahead of Christ in our priority list. Life gets easier when we walk in the victory over sin and death provided freely by Christ, and when we have Christ in the proper place in our life as Savior and Lord. Understanding these two principles will help you live a godly life. Of course, we know that Satan hates God and anybody who is a follower of Jesus. That is why the New Testament is full of battle imagery and military terms. In today’s verse, the word “hold” means to fall in line-being in proper battle formation with other soldiers. Christian-it is not just the pastor’s job to remind you to be secure in your identity in Christ and to avoid idolatry; it is our job as brothers and sisters in Christ to fight for and with other believers. Let’s get to war!

Philippians 3:16: “But we must hold on to the progress we have already made.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

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