December 2020 Update for Freedom Church and the Maxons

December 14, 2020

Is anybody else ready for 2020 to be over? As if turning the calendar from one year to another can really change what we’ve been experiencing the past ten months. COVID and the response by the local, state, and national governments made for a very interesting year in ministry. I can honestly say I have not seen anything like it. There was no seminary class on “Pastoring during a Pandemic.” We were forced to learn on the fly, consult with other pastors, and grow in our reliance upon the Holy Spirit. Freedom Church responded very well. We were able to make a quick transition to online “gatherings” because we had been offering live streaming since we started FC in 2018. We were able to start engaging those who were watching from all over the US and in several other countries. We also started a mid-week gathering for kids and youth. We started with one youth and seven kids. We are now around 5-8 youth and 12-14 kids! We noticed that the time it takes to connect with the kids and youth at a heart level was drastically reduced. It normally takes years for them to open up, but on day one they were pouring out their thoughts and feelings and looking for counsel. We believe that because of COVID and distance learning, they were looking for a listening ear. Fortunately, the associate pastor, Trent, was able to minister to the youth and Lyndsey and I were able to pour out Christ’s love to the kids. We celebrated a baptism this past Sunday too!

FC has also committed 10% of general offerings to global outreach. We support four missionaries and were able to send an additional $2,000 to help build a church in India. We were also able to host our missionary family from Uganda for three weeks as they welcomed a new baby into their family!

In regard to our church facility, we are almost complete with phase two of renovations. Phase two renovations started in December 2019 and involved the basement. Renovations include painting every room, replacing ceiling tiles, knocking down a wall, moving a door, removing and replacing all of the floor, sanding and re-staining every door, replacing sinks, building a platform for the youth room, and furnishing each room. The basement rooms include Nursery, Toddler Room, Lower and Upper student ministry workers. We are hoping to have it done by the end of the year. Our goal is to use the basement to minister to kids and youth and start serving breakfast every Sunday before worship.

Personally, Lyndsey and I are doing well. We are able to have face-to-face time every night after the girls go to bed. Even after 15 years of marriage, we are learning more about how we can love and support each other. Cora is doing great in 1st grade. She has picked up a coin collecting hobby. Eisley is now 1 ½. I can’t believe how fast time is going. Her personality is emerging, and she is very musical. We sold our house in July and downsized to a townhome. This enables us to save some money each month and not worry about yardwork or home maintenance. My dad died in October from COVID. We were able to make the trip back to Kearney, NE and I was able to say goodbye. I still have days where I am overcome with grief. I really miss my dad.


-For continued healing for my heart.

-The associate pastor for FC is leaving at the end of December to take a Lead Pastor position in western Nebraska. We need to find a worship leader, and quickly!

-For our girls to continue to grow (physically and spiritually). Also, that we can shepherd Cora’s heart as her best friend (the daughter of our associate pastor) is leaving. 

Thank you for your continued support of our work here in Colorado Springs. If you would like to donate to our monthly support raising goal, please click here.

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