Pray31 – Day 16: Acts 1:14

If there is one thing you can say about the first-century church, it would be that they believed in the power of prayer. Throughout the book of Acts, when the church gathered, they are praying. In today’s verse, it describes a small group of Jesus followers that had witnessed His ascension into heaven, and they were waiting for their next steps. While they waited, they prayed. Before they named a replacement for Judas, they prayed. After Peter preached at Pentecost, they prayed. As their numbers grew and grew, they prayed. When was the last time you prayed with your church family outside of Sunday morning gatherings? How can you unite with brothers and sisters and pray? Could you have people over to pray? Could you call someone and pray? Could you Facetime with someone and pray? Could you schedule a Zoom chat and pray? I think you get what I’m asking you to do. 🙂

Father God, thank you for the blessing of private prayer. Thank you also for the gift of praying with others. Help me see the value in praying for and with others. Give me the heart for prayer, so I make it a priority when I meet with others. Show me who to pray with. Help my prayers focus on the spiritual needs of others and not just the physical. Amen.

Acts 1:14: “They all met together and were constantly united in prayer…”

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Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

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