Stay Close to Home

When I was in elementary school, I often walked home from school (thankfully, it wasn’t uphill both ways!). On several occasions, I would stumble across a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. It always made me sad because I knew that unless the momma bird showed up soon, I would see the same baby bird the next day, only it would be dead. The Bible encourages us to stay close to home. Don’t stray. Don’t stay away. Don’t escape. A home is a place that is supposed to be life-giving, encouraging, and restful. Work diligently to create a home life that you long for. Husbands and wives work together to make peace, harmony, and fun! 

Proverbs 27:8: “A person who strays from home is like a bird that strays from its nest.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM

Photo by Hersh Chauhan on Unsplash

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