MWM: Pastors

I’m part of a few pastors’ groups. One meets online every month for some equipping from a coach and mutual encouragement. We read books together and pray for one another. Another group is with our fellowship. We gather in person twice a year (some of my favorite times of the year) and spend the rest of the time encouraging each other through texts and social media. Recently, I started meeting with some pastors from the Eastside of Colorado Springs. We talk about life and family; we also pray for one another. In each group, I see men who are called and uniquely equipped by God to preach. I love them for it. And they love me. These groups encourage my heart. Knowing that there are other men, other pastors, that are selflessly praying for me (not competing with me) also gives me the courage to continue in the work I’ve been appointed to. This #MWM is to tell them thanks. Love you, brothers. Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Pray continually.

Philippians 1:16: “They preach because they love me, for they know I have been appointed to defend the Good News.”

#MinuteWithMaxon #MWM #Philippians #LateNight #IronSharpensIron

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

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