The Hard Way

I’ve heard from some people that they can’t understand why God would be so harsh in the Old Testament. If you read through the entire Old Testament, it’s hard to deny how gracious, patient, loving and compassionate God was to His people before he finally couldn’t continue letting them proceed in their destructive ways. I... Continue Reading →


June, 2019 I have sat down numerous times over the past couple of months to write this letter, but words have failed me. Church planting is hard! I had no idea a year and a half ago when we launched Freedom Church the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey we had signed up for. I had... Continue Reading →

Get the Facts First

Love the Bible! It’s important that we go to our assumed adversaries and ask their motives for their actions. Perceived situations aren’t always as they seem. This wise woman, because of her boldness was able to confront the problem because of her wisdom gained from the explanation on the other side and was able to... Continue Reading →

Praying for Fear

Imagine what the world would look like if we all trusted in these verses and prayed to God these things with thanksgiving in our hearts. Praying these amazing verses over our nation today. God is so good to us. “Let the whole world fear the Lord, and let everyone stand in awe of him. For... Continue Reading →

Reflection of… ?

What worldview are we conforming to and who are we emulating? Who do we say we worship and who do we worship in action? Are they one in the same? Where or from whom do we seek compassion, justice, love, affirmation, validation, truth? Who do we trust in, rest in, hope in? Who do we... Continue Reading →


Love these verses for my little ones 🤗 I pray my Lulu (and her little sister to arrive in June) can enjoy every minute of their life to freely experience all that they desire with the ‘but’ in the verse holding them accountable to making wise choices in the process. I pray they can joyfully... Continue Reading →


I can absolutely relate to this Psalm. God silences me often when I want to speak and when I talk to him about it, it’s usually because my heart is not right. Just because I listen to God and remain silent and try to meditate on God, it’s still hard not to feel anguish. But... Continue Reading →

Anxious v. Trust

God’s Word is not just true, it’s powerful when we believe in its promises and trust God to fulfill them. These verses have protected me time and time again and strengthened my faith every time. Put God’s Word into practice, lean on Him in your everyday life and watch Him come to life and shine.... Continue Reading →

Listen to Wisdom

There is wisdom in listening to elders and not just our friends our age who can sometimes have a limited perspective/motive/attitude when giving advice. The elders in this passage had advice that benefited the whole kingdom for the long term (the King and the people.) The younger friends advice seemed to be prideful and only... Continue Reading →

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