MWM: Bookends of Grace

We started our journey through Philippians talking about grace. We should end with it as well. Grace is a theme … More

MWM: We Will Survive

Throughout history, whenever a country fails that had been opposed to God, we hear stories of Christians that had permeated … More

MWM: Be Holy

Christian-you are holy; you are set apart; you belong to Christ. Don’t ever forget that. In this unholy world, we … More

MWM: Ultimate Glory

Why are you here? Why are you still breathing? Why do you have a pulse? Simple answer: God isn’t done … More

MWM: I Need, I Want

I love my daughters and look forward to the challenge of raising kingdom princesses. They are gifted in different areas. … More

MWM: Your Legacy

For what do you want to be known? Your wealth? The car you drive? The clothes you wear? The way … More

MWM: Repeated Joy

Am I the only one that dreams about winning the lottery? I dream and strategize about the big bucks. What … More